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Check out those companies that make money in smart sockets.

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2021-09-03
Socket, a necessary product in people''''''''s daily life. However, it is such a common seemingly insignificant product, but once triggered the attention of the entire smart home industry. Smart home has been around for a long time, but it hasn''''''''t broken out yet. Most consumers are reluctant to spend a lot of money to buy new home products. In 2013, a domestic company introduced a smart socket that allows consumers to experience the joys of remote control at a low cost without rewiring or re-purchasing appliances. Unexpectedly this simple product once launched, it will cause turmoil, related enterprises have a bumper harvest, but also educated the market. At present, smart socket has become the most popular smart home product. By the end of 2016, thousands of smart phones selected the 20 thousand and 160 largest intelligent socket products. The winners list is as follows: 1, BroadLink WiFi remote control switch micro connect socket 2, millet 3 hole intelligent USB plug-in board 3, Ou Ruibo (ORVIBO) COCO intelligent plug-in board 4, bull (BULL) Mini USB socket 5. Break through the 6 series lightning protection and surge proof X series. 6, PISEN (PISEN) USB intelligent placement 7, control KK-Mini Pro intelligent micro interpolation 8, Hongyan remote control intelligent socket 9, Haier SmartCare intelligent socket 10, HUAWEI USB multi-function socket.
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