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What are the common wireless transceiver modules?

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2018-08-14
Wireless transceiver module is also often touched in smart home, so what wireless transceiver module, how to install and use it correctly? The following Yaoti Science and Technology Editorial Specific to explain the relevant knowledge of wireless transceiver module.

The wireless transceiver module operates at 315 MHz or 433 MHz (with other special frequencies). SAW is used to stabilize the frequency. The frequency stability is very high. When the ambient temperature varies between - 25 and + 85 degrees, the frequency drift is only 3 ppm/degree. It is especially suitable for multiple radio reception, wireless remote control and data transmission system. The frequency stability of the acoustic meter resonator is second only to that of the crystal, but the frequency stability and consistency of the general LC oscillator are poor. Even if the high-quality fine-tuning capacitor is used, it is difficult to ensure that the tuned frequency point does not deviate.

The wireless transceiver module uses ASK modulation to reduce power consumption. When the data signal stops, the transmitting current drops to zero. The data signal and the input of the transmitting module can be connected by resistance or directly without capacitive coupling. Otherwise, the transmitting module will not work properly. The data level should be close to the actual working voltage of the data module in order to achieve higher modulation effect.

Installation and use of wireless receiving module:
The wireless transmitter module should be installed vertically at the edge of the motherboard and should be more than 5mm away from the peripheral devices to avoid the influence of the distributed parameters. The transmission distance of wireless transceiver module is related to modulation signal frequency and amplitude, transmitting voltage and battery capacity, transmitting antenna, receiver sensitivity, transmitting and receiving environment. Generally, the maximum transmission distance in the open area is about 800 meters. In the case of obstacles, the distance will be shortened. Due to the refraction and reflection in the transmission process of radio signals, some dead zones and unstable zones will be formed. The wireless transceiver module will have different transmission and reception distances in different transmission environments.
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