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What are the functions of intelligent WIFI plug?

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2021-09-03
The socket has become an intelligent product with independent operating system from the common electrical connector in the past. In the past, household chores that could not be done outside the home were done independently by WiFi intelligent socket, which brought many conveniences to the life of users.
With it, you can go out on a long vacation, and at night you can remotely turn on the lights at home to keep the unkind thieves away from your home. With it, the aquarium at home can be regularly ventilated and the fish no longer have to swim 24 hours hard to get fit. With it, you no longer need to worry about bear children watching TV at home and not doing homework well. With it, in the morning of rushing out, you no longer have to worry about the air conditioning being turned off, the water heater being turned off, and the bills of dollars a day slipping away. WiFi intelligent socket not only brings close functions, but also changes the design idea of smart home. Engineers no longer show off technology, smart home is no longer a cold high-tech system, but really to bring users a simple and convenient intelligent products.
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