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What are the differences between intelligent switches and traditional switches?

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2018-08-15
Intelligent switch is the intellectualization of traditional switch. It is the improvement and upgrade from traditional switch 1 to N, not the invention from 0 to 1 directly. Because of this, the smart switch is basically the same in appearance and shape as the traditional switch, a lot of smart switch can be recognized as a switch, installation is not different. Of course, intelligent switches are different from traditional switches.

Structurally, the main difference is the internal structure, the traditional ordinary switch is mainly circuit cut-off and connection, the internal structure is very simple, and intelligent switch in addition to some of the traditional switch internal things, mainly increased circuit boards, communication modules, relays, capacitors and other chips, far more complex than the traditional switch.

In technology, this intelligent switch is much more complex, intelligent switch to consider communication technology, standby power technology, electronic control technology, programming technology. In fact, the smart switch is not only a hardware problem, but also involves software, which is one of the biggest differences between smart home and traditional home.

Functionally, in the final analysis, intelligent switches and traditional switches have similar functions, are to achieve the control of lighting equipment nodes, the difference is that traditional switches can only be turned on and off, and intelligent switches can do more meticulous, there is a switch between the intermediate state, such as adjusting brightness, color temperature, and so on. In addition, there are certain differences in the number of control, intelligent switch control the number of traditional switches, generally tens of hundreds of problems are not big.

In use, the traditional switch can be pulled, pressed, and touched, but all of them remain unchanged, all of them need to be controlled by hand. The intelligent switch has been greatly improved on the basis of retaining some traditional switch local control methods, such as mobile phone APP control, linkage induction control, timing control and so on. The limitation of time and space.
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