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Classification of smart switches

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2018-08-15
Switches have evolved into smart switches, and another major advance has been the further refinement based on the actual environment and life needs. In other words, smart switches are categorized in different ways (since wireless smart home has become the mainstream, the following is based on wireless communication technology light-controlled smart switches).

According to the function, intelligent switch is mainly divided into dimming switch, scene switch, binding switch, intelligent air switch and so on. Among them, the scene switch is a multi-device one-key control switch; the binding switch is mainly to achieve a touch button corresponding to one or more load switches, repeatedly touch the button switch state; intelligent air switch, also known as intelligent air circuit breaker, a bit similar to the intelligent master switch, of course, can also be for the same type of single-control.

Keyboard bit points, this is easier to understand, mainly to control the lights of different roads, common includes a key, two keys and three keys, respectively, control one way, two ways and three ways of lighting.

According to the material, according to the material is divided according to the actual material is divided according to the panel material, at present, the basic can be divided into plastic switches, glass switches and metal switches, under the subdivision, there are different plastics (such as acrylic, PC and acrylic + PC) plastic switches, using different metals (mostly aluminum alloy) metal switches.

According to interaction, the interaction here refers to the control of the local end, according to this point, intelligent switch can be divided into, button-type intelligent switch and touch-type intelligent switch, the former is relatively convenient, the latter is relatively beautiful, of course, the difference is not big, mainly the difference of family habits.

According to the standard points, the main national standards, such as China''s national standards, European standards, Australian standards, the United States standards, British standards and so on. There are many standards for intelligent switches. An important problem is that these standard systems are different and many of them are not universal.

According to the routing, mainly refers to the domestic dark box routing standard distinction, because the dark box routing has single fire and zero fire, which directly leads to the intelligent switch is divided into single fire line intelligent switch, zero fire line intelligent switch and single zero fire adaptive light control intelligent switch. Among them, the single zero-fire adaptive light switch is the world''s only initiative by WULIAN, recently passed the TUV Rhine CB global certification, the future is expected to completely end the single zero-fire intelligent switch situation.

According to load, it can be divided into high-power switch and non high-power switch. Although there are no standard requirements for high-power switches, the maximum load capacity is usually about 2000W. For example, if a switch controls multiple high-power devices at the same time (such as large living room crystal lights, etc.), this intelligent switch is very important. Of course, the advantage of this intelligent switch is that it can be used for industrialization.
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